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Graduate Students

Alyssa Thornton (PhD Georgetown 2023) [LinkedIn]
Thesis: "Characterization and Phase Transformation of Biogenic and Synthetic Uric Acid Forms"
Currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Megan Fleming (PhD Georgetown 2023) [LinkedIn]
Thesis: "Pure and Dye-Doped Cytosine Monohydrate Crystals Under Thermal and Mechanical Stress"
Currently at BASF

Jen Mann (PhD Georgetown 2023)
Thesis: "Data Mining and Solid State Desolvation Pathways of Molecular Solvates"

Taylor Watts (PhD Georgetown 2021) [LinkedIn]
Thesis: "Dynamics and Molecular-Level Control of Solid State Transformations in Molecular Hydrates"
Currently at Bristol Myers Squibb

Frank Liu (PhD Georgetown 2019) [LinkedIn]
Thesis: "Mechanical Properties and Heterogeneous Growth of Uric Acid Crystals"
Currently at Continuus Pharmaceuticals

Victoria Hall (PhD Georgetown 2018) [LinkedIn]
Thesis: "Uric Acid Crystals"
Currently adjunct faculty at Stockton University

Marina Solomos (PhD Georgetown 2018) [LinkedIn]
Thesis: "Phase Control of Diphenylureas through Co-crystallization and Template-directed Methods"
Currently at Merck

Elizabeth Koch (PhD Georgetown 2017) [LinkedIn]
Thesis: "Dehydration and Dopant Effects in Nucleic Acid Hydrates"
Currently at BASF

Steven Spangenberg (MS Georgetown 2015) [LinkedIn]
Currently teaching high school in VA

Jessica Urbelis (PhD Georgetown 2014) [LinkedIn]
PhD Thesis: “Altering the Physical Properties of Energetic Materials and Other Small Molecules Through Template-Directed and Co-crystallization Methods”
Currently at the FDA

Janeth Presores (PhD Georgetown 2012) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: “Adhesion Properties and Phase Transformation of Uric Acid Crystals”
Currently an Associate Teaching Professor at Georgetown

Clare (Yannette) Perrin (PhD Georgetown 2011) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: “Growth and Adhesion Properties of Monosodium Urate Monohydrate (MSU) Crystals”
Currently at the US Patent Office

Ilana Goldberg (PhD Georgetown 2011) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis “Directed Crystal Growth and Solid-State Analysis of the Secondary Explosives RDX and HMX”
Currently at NIH

Amanuel Zellelow (Ph.D. Georgetown 2010) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: "Crystallization and Phase Transformation of Uric Acids"
Currently at J-Star Pharmaceuticals

Christina Capacci-Daniel (Ph.D Georgetown 2009) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: "Crystal Growth of Polymorphic Bis-Diphenyl Ureas on Self-Assembled Monolayer Templates"
Currently at the FDA

Rupa Hiremath (Ph.D. Georgetown 2006) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: "Self-Assembled Monolayer Templates for Molecular Crystal Growth"
Currently at BASF.

Richard S. Abendan (Ph.D. Georgetown 2005) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: "Characterization and Dissolution Studies of Cholesterol Monohydrate Single Crystal Surfaces"
Currently at RTI International

M. Crina Frincu (Ph.D. Georgetown 2005) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: "Epitaxial Growth of Cholesterol Monohydrate"
Currently at NIH

Rositza I. Petrova (Ph.D. Georgetown 2005) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: "Kinetic Resolution of Enantiomers by Crystallization in Gel Media"
Currently at CrystalPharmatech

Ryan E. Sours (Ph.D. Georgetown 2004) [LinkedIn]
Ph.D. Thesis: "Uric Acid Crystal Growth"
Currently at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Post Docs and Visiting Faculty

Dr. Pranoti Navare (Ph.D. Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Jun 2012-Oct 2013
Currently at Alkermes Pharmaceuticals

Shoaleh Dehghan (Azad University, Tehran, Ph.D. 2004) Jan 2005 - Aug 2007
Currently a professional lecturer at American University [Link]

Javier Marti-Rujas (U Cardiff, Ph.D. 2005) Dec 2005 - Nov 2006
Currently at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, Italy.

Prof. Simeen Sattar (Bard College) Jan - Dec 2006 [Link]


YuJai Lin (Biochemistry, '24) 1/22-5/25
Honors Thesis: "Mechanical Milling of Uric Acid Forms"

Amanda Rutledge (Chemistry, '23) 1/20 - 5/23 [LinkedIn]
Honors Thesis: "Uric Acid Crystallization in the Presence of Additives"
Currently at Los Alamos National Lab

Sarah Rubin (Biochemistry, '23) 9/19-5/22
Currently at NIH

Amalia Cappucino (Chemistry, '22) 8/21-5/22

Alex Pappajohn, 4/21-5/22

Will Joyce, 8/21 - 12/21

Ishaan Kumar, 9/20-12/21

Renee Gao (Biochemistry, '21) 1/19-5/21
Honors Thesis: "Desolvation Pathways of Four Niclosamide Solvates"

Sara Niederberger (NHS, 20') 1/18-5/20
Honors Thesis: "The Crystallization and Properties of Thymine Hydrate Grown with Tailored Lattice Substitutions"
MD University of Pittsburgh

Courtney Lee (English, '20) 8/18-5/20 [LinkedIn]
Currently in Medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College

Julian Marable (NHS, '20) 1/18-5/20 [LinkedIn]
Currently in Medical school at Georgetown

Claire Abijay (Biochemistry, '19) 11/15-5/19
Honors Thesis: "Characterization of Coumarin Hydrates"
MD UT-Southwestern

Margaret McGraw (French, '19) 6/17-5/19

Caroline Kettering (Biochemistry, '18) 12/15-5/18 [LinkedIn]
Honors Thesis: "Dopant Inclusion and Dehydration of Thymine and Cytosine Hydrate Crystals"
MD University of Pittsburgh

Hannah Kang (NHS, '18) 1/16-5/18 [LinkedIn]
MD University of Virginia

Kelly McKenna (Biochemistry, '17) 9/14-5/17
Honors Thesis: "The Crystallization and Thermal Properties of Pyrimidine and Purine Derivatives"
MD UConn Medical school

Serena Seshadri (Chemistry, '17) 1/15-5/17 [LinkedIn]
Honors Thesis: "Patterned Crystallization on Unpatterned Substrates"
PhD UC-Santa Barbara

Adam Lupicki (B.S. Chemistry ’17, GU) Jan-Jul 2015

James Allen (B.S. Mathematics ’16, GU) 9/13-5/15

Taylor Watts (B.S. Biochemistry ’16, Towson University) REU 2015

Cameron Mohammadi (B.S. Biochemistry ‘14, GU) Jan 2012-May 2014 [LinkedIn]
Honors Thesis: “Co-Crystallization of meta-Substituted Diphenyl Ureas”
MD Georgetown Medical School

Claire Usala (B.S. Art History ’14, GU) Jan – Aug 2012; Aug-Dec 201
MD UT-Southwestern Medical School

Tim DeVita (B.S. American Studies ’14, GU) Jun-Aug 2013
MD Georgetown Medical School

Destiny Spence (B.S. Chemistry, Norfolk State University, '14) 2013 REU
MD Eastern Virginia Medical College

Clara McCreery (B.S. Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, expected ’15) 2013 REU
MS Stanford

Stephen Kwong (B.S. Biology ‘14, GU) Jun-Aug 2012

Rochelle Osborne (B.S. Chemistry and Economics, Howard University, ’12) 2011 REU
MS Georgetown

Huangquiang “Chang” Zhao (B.S. Chemistry, Fudan University,’12) 2011 Fudan–GU Exchange

Annie Duckles (B.S. Neuroscience ‘13, GU) Oct 2010-May 2011

Adam Hoy (B.S. Computer Science ‘13, GU) Oct 2009-May 2011

Alex Gorab (B.S. NHS ’12, GU) Jan 2009 – Dec 2009

Natasha Khatri (B.S. Fordham, '11) REU 2010
PhD Georgetown University

Lindsey Roeker (B.S. Biochemistry 2010, GU) Mar 2008 - May 2010
Honors Thesis: "Lysozyme Crystallization on Siloxane Monolayers"
MD Mayo Medical School

Brian Fochtman (B.S. Chemistry 2010, GU) Sep 2008 - Jan 2010 [LinkedIn]
PhD SUNY- Stony Brook

Katherine Cromer (B.S. Economics '12, GU) Sep 2008 - May 2009

Aliza Cruz (George Washington University) Sep 2008 - Jan 2009

Stevara Moses (B.S. Virginia Commonwealth U, '09) REU 2008

Katrina Heyrana (B.S. Biochemistry 2008, GU) Sep 2006 - May 2008 [LinkedIn]
Honors Thesis: "Controlling Crystal Polymorphism with Self-Assembled Monolayers"
MD/PhD Penn State University

Melat Abiye (BS, Texas Women's College, '09) REU 2007

Kun-Hae Kim (B.S. Biochemistry 2007, GU) Sep 2004 - May 2007
Honors thesis: "Additive Effects on Uric Acid Dihydrate Crystal Growth and its Thermal Properties"
MD Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine (Korea)

Julius Griauzde (B.S. Math with Chemistry minor 2007, GU) Jan 2006 - Aug 2006
MD Loyola-Chicago.

Paul Kenyan (B.S. Chemistry 2007, GU) Jan 2006 - Dec 2006

Ryuk Byun (B.S. University of Virginia, '08) REU 2006

Joseph Basile (B.A. Psychology with Chemistry minor 2006, GU) June 2004 - May 2006
MD New York Medical College

Caitlin Fogarty (B.S. Biochemistry 2006, GU) Jan 2004 - May 2006
Honors thesis: "Epitaxial Relationships Between Uric Acid Crystals and Mineral Surfaces"
MD/PhD University of Massachusetts

Megan Carroll (B.S. Chemistry 2006, GU) Jan 2004 - Aug 2005
MD Georgetown University

Victoria Wurster (B.S. Neuroscience 2008, College of William & Mary) Jun - Aug 2005

Catherine Ford (B.S. Chemistry 2005, GU) Jan 2003 - May 2005
Honors thesis: "The Effects of Natural and Synthetic Impurities on Uric Acid Crystal Growth"
MD New York University

Andrew Pogozelski (B.S. Chemistry 2004, GU) Sep 2002 - May 2004
Honors thesis: "Resolution of Racemic Mixtures of DL-Threonine & DL-Asparagine in Agarose Gels"
MD Duke University

Stephen Varney (B.S. Chemistry 2004, GU) May 2002 - May 2004
Honors thesis: "Crystal Growth Using Self Assembled Monolayer Templates"
DDS University of Maryland

Magni Hamso (B.S. Molecular Biochemistry & Biophysics, Yale '05) Jun 2003 - Aug 2003

Kristin Cox (B.A. Physics 2003, GU) Jun 2002 - May 2003
Honors thesis: "Dyeing Uric Acid Crystals with Urorosein and Bismark Brown Y"
MD Cornell University

Dorothy Fink (B.S. Health Sciences & Biochemistry 2003, GU) Jan 2001 - May 2003
MD Georgetown.

Rakesh Patel (B.S. Biochemistry 2003, GU) Jan 2002 - May 2003
Honors thesis: "Crystal Growth and Racemic Resolution of Asparagine in Gel Media"
MD University of Maryland

Bryan Cracchiolo (B.A. Psychology and Italian 2003, GU) Sep 1999 - Dec 2000
PhD Rutgers University

Mary Hoffa (B.S. Biochemistry 2002, GU) Sep 1999 - May 2002
MD Georgetown

Richard Sharpe (B.S. Chemistry 2002, GU) Sep 1999 - Aug 2000 [LinkedIn]
MD, MBA Georgetown

High School Students

Aria Kim (Thomas Jefferson High School ’15) Jun-Aug 2013, Jun-Aug 2014 and Jun-Aug 2015

Dan Park (Thomas Jefferson High School '11) Jun 2010 - Aug 2010

Abi Khallushi (Montgomery Blair High School '05) Jun 2004 - Aug 2004

Jared Sax (Churchill High School '05) Jul 2004 - Oct 2004